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It's extraordinary talent that makes Clavister great. Do you foster striving for excellence in yourself and others? Have a passion for protecting and connecting our increasingly digital world? Can you act as one with shared goals for mutual success? That's the person we want. Come join the Clavister team.

Open Positions

A career at Clavister offers great opportunities for professional and personal development. We would love to welcome you to the Clavister family. Please find below our open positions.

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process at Clavister is summarized in the steps outlined below.

1. Application
Fill in the application form for an open position.

2. Evaluation
Clavister will review your application and get back to you with information if you have qualified for the next step in the recruitment process or not.

3. Programming/Scripting and Configuration Tests
Clavister develops security products with high demands on security, functionality, resilience and performance. A major part of this quality is maintained due to the work performed by our SW developers and SW test engineers. For this reason, Clavister uses different tests that all applicants to the C developer, NodeJS developer, .NET (C#) developer, SW test engineer, Technical Support Engineer and Professional Services Engineer positions must take. The tests are used by us to evaluate skills and quality in the areas tested.

The tests consists of a programming, scripting or configuration task that is performed at home. Thus, it requires that you have access to the proper development tools (such as C compiler for core developer positions or .NET development tools for a .Net developer position). If you have the proper experience, the task will only take a few hours to complete. The time limit is however four days (for configuration test it is two days) from the moment you receive the test instructions.

A reference group will evaluate the test result according to a defined score sheet, normally we will get back to you regarding the test result within 15 working days. If you have satisfying results you can proceed in the recruitment process.

4. Interview
Should an interview take place it usually occurs at one of Clavister's offices. At the day for the interview you should bring:

  • References, or similar, from previous employments and original proof of previous employments/education.
  • Only for SW Developers: you will describe design choices for your programming test code and write a complementary paper based programming test during the interview.

5. Employment
If we agree on an employment, Clavister practice 6 months of probationary employment for all positions. For Swedish citizens: 'Aktuellt utdrag ur Rikspolisstyrelsens kriminalregister' is required to be employed.


6. Office locations

In Sweden, Clavister operates three offices: in Stockholm, Umeå and the HQ in Örnsköldsvik (You can get an overview of the three cities through the following links of Övik, Umeå and Stockholm).