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Chief Mascot Officer (CMO)

Clavister is an interesting place to work at! I get to see the world, learn a lot about IP networking in live scenarios, meet and train people and still have periods when I can go home to my family each evening.


What is your role?

I'm working as CMO (Chief Mascot Officer) in the lounge area at Clavister headquarters.

How long have you been with Clavister?

Some heartless people claim I was adopted from a toy store in Stockholm. Truth, at least as I recall it, is that I was head-hunted by a local recruitment agency in Svalbard and decided to move to Sweden. The opportunities for cutting edge network security positions within the arctic circle were quite limited, I must admit.

Can you describe your role?

My role as a 2,5 meter Chief Mascot Officer is to travel worldwide to fairs and other exiting events and to be Clavister’s interface with clients and partners. Although I moved around more frequently during the first years, today clients and partners from all over the world are visiting Örnsköldsvik and I get the chance to welcome them, embrace them and participate in photo shoots etc.

What's it like working at Clavister?

There is always something happening, multi-cultural and rewarding! At after-work events, I even get the chance to dance once in a while with one of the handsome team-leaders in R&D, which I appreciate a lot!

What do you prefer to do when you are not working?

I'm a quite visionary bear, so when not on duty I spend many late-night hours on figuring out the next hot trends in network security.