451 Research Publishes Impact Report on Clavister


"Snowden effect" and new markets present opportunities for company

Clavister, a leader in high-performance network security, has announced the findings of 451 Research’s Clavister Impact Report, providing an overview of the company’s position in the network security market and potential future developments.

The report stated that “Network security is one of the oldest market segments in the security space; as a result, it is largely dominated by large vendors, but there are some innovative small players worth paying attention to. Clavister has seen a recent uptick in its opportunities to sell its suite of security appliances and software, notably in the telecom sector.”

It also highlighted the positive impact of the Edward Snowden NSA leak on new business opportunities for Clavister; this has seen the business expanded into a number of new markets, including Japan and Brazil, where nation states are looking for a high-quality alternatives to the US security companies, whose reputations were damaged by the leaks. Clavister also has the advantage of having full control over its manufacturing and software development.

The 451 report, written by analysts Brian Partridge and Adrian Sanabria, examines Clavister’s range of products and services, praising the technology and the performance of its network security appliances. “Performance is a particular point of pride for the company, which claims a high level of effi­ciency and performance across both software and hardware,” state the analysts.

The report then discusses some of Clavister’s market activity, noting the company’s success in Sweden, Germany, China, Japan, Asia and South America. There are specific mentions for the recent deployments with Bluecom in Sweden and MIRAIT in Japan.

While acknowledging that Clavister is in a highly competitive market still dominated by the US and Israel, the concluding analysis argues that Clavister’s smaller size means shorter development cycles and faster innovation. The report adds that Clavister’s global partnerships present opportunities to expand into additional Latin America, EMEA and Asian markets, particularly in countries that are concerned by the Snowden revelations.

The full 451 Research Impact Report can be accessed here