Clavister - New Major Releases of cOS Core, InControl and Multi-Factor Authentication

STOCKHOLM. 2016-07-04, by Andreas

Clavister AB, a leading provider of IP-based security and Unified Threat Management (UTM) solutions, today announced three new major releases, the Clavister cOS Core 11.04.00, Clavister InControl 1.60.00 and the brand new Clavister MFA - Multi-Factor Authentication version 1.60.00.

These releases ties togheter a combination of new features such as Strong Authentication, improved IPv6 support and various security enhancements. For a complete list of new features and fixes, please read the product release notes, available from the Downloads section. Make sure to read the Installation Instructions section in the Clavister cOS Core Release Notes before proceeding with the upgrade.

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