Clavister Launches Strong Authentication Solution with Clavister Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

STOCKHOLM. 2016-06-08, by Nikolas Georgii

Clavister MFA enhances traditional username and password authentication by adding additional vectors for authentication including One Time Passwords


Clavister—a leader in high-performance network security—has launched The Clavister MFA, a Multi Factor Authentication solution which combines The Clavister MFA Server, a mobile app Clavister Authenticator and an SMS-based One Time Password (OTP) service. This gives strong authentication for robust, secure access to corporate networks, protecting the identities of users, and ensuring that a user is who they claim to be.          

Cyberthreats, risks, and vulnerabilities as well as changing business requirements result in the need for a strong authentication solution that is both easy to deploy, cost effective to operate and convenient to use. Clavister has addressed this requirement with Clavister MFA, an affordable solution that is designed to match all the key business requirements for strong authentication without adding administrative complexity.


The MFA Solution combines:

Server:  the Clavister MFA Server keeps unauthorized individuals out of the corporate network. The Clavister MFA Server communicates with Clavister Next Generation Firewalls and User Directories, and tracks all the OTPs. Built into the Clavister MFA Server are several risk based authentication capabilities called ‘scenarios’.  These scenarios enable IT managers to assign the right level of authentication based on who the user is; the type of service required; the resources being accessed or even what IP address or network they are currently using.


Authenticator: The Clavister Authenticator is a mobile app that works on Apple and Android phones. Once the employee starts the app, it generates a new One Time Password (OTP) every 30 seconds. Setting it up and preparing it to use is straightforward. The Clavister Authenticator is free to download from Apple App Store and Google Play, with no transactions costs.


SMS One Time Password Service:  The SMS service works on a bundle package:  a far lower-cost alternative to creating hard token-based implementation that is easier to use. The SMS-based OTP systems works on all devices, and requires no installation or significant configuration.


Andreas Åsander, Product Marketing Manager at Clavister said: “The interest for multifactor authentication has been driven by several protocols, like the financial regulations demanding the use of the technology for Internet banking transactions. Companies understand the danger of single password usage, and aim to increase the assurance that an entity accessing the system is who, or what, they claim to be. Clavister MFA delivers this higher level of security and assurance. In addition, Clavister MFA is compliant with the different Clavister OTP generation tokens and  compatible with several third-party tokens such as hardware based dongles, Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator.  Rapid deployment, ease of use, great flexibility of OTP tokens and a scalable licensing model ensures that the Clavister MFA service offers great value for money and a low total cost of ownership.”


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Product Availability

The Clavister Authenticator app is available for download from Apple App Store and Google Play already now, while the Clavister MFA server will be downloaded from Clavisters website as of June 30th.


About Clavister

Clavister is a leading security provider for fixed, mobile and virtual network environments. Its award-winning solutions give enterprises, local and federal governments, cloud service providers and telecoms operators the highest levels of protection against current and new threats, and unmatched reliability.  The company was founded in Sweden in 1997, with its solutions available globally through its network of channel partners.  Clavister is a member of Intel’s Network Builders program (, a cross-industry initiative that enables telcos to build and manage business-critical infrastructures, with lower capital and operating costs.