Clavister’s New Next-generation Firewall Delivers High-Performance Security for Enterprises, Data Centers and Service Providers

ÖRNSKÖLDSVIK. 2015-10-01

W50 next generation firewall delivers unrivalled performance and robust, flexible security with advanced feature set

Clavister, a leader in high-performance network security, has announced the launch of its latest next-generation firewall, the W50, offering high performance, flexible port configuration and redundancy to meet the requirements and demands from data centers, service providers and enterprises. Thanks to the unique combination of high performance, flexible port modules and license expansions the platform scales-in-place to meet an organizations growing network security requirements.

The Clavister W50 delivers firewall performance of up to 55Gbps, eight (8) Gbps VPN throughput, eight (8) million concurrent connections and has four (4) module slots. The module slots can be populated with the Clavister Expansion Modules that are available in different port-configurations. This ensures that the W50 aligns seamlessly with network transformation and growing needs for capacity, which are typical requirements in larger data-centres and service provider networks.

Key features include:

  • Multiple interface module options, including 8xGbe (RJ45), 8xSFP and 2xSFP+, that deliver a flexible platform to meet a range of network requirements
  • Next-generation firewalling, anti-DDoS, WAN Load Balancer and Server Load Balancer capabilities offering organisations a versatile function suite
  • A mature cOS with redundant PSUs that maximise network up-time
  • Available with flexible licensing

Jim Carlsson, CEO of Clavister, said: “The Clavister W50 is a high performance platform optimized for the latest cOS Core version, enabling best-in-class capacity, scalability and performance delivering powerful next-generation firewalling and interface flexibility. The advanced application and content control features, centralised management and future-proof licensing will offer robust protection both now and as organisations expand their operations. It is the ideal platform for high-end data centers, service providers and enterprises.”

The W50 runs on Clavister’s latest operating system, cOS Core version 11.00, delivering faster performance levels and a range of new features including enhanced anti-spam functionality and malicious link protection.

The W50 solution also supports Clavister’s next-generation firewall services including True Application Control, Content Security Services and User Identity Awareness.  Clavister’s True Application Control service enables in-depth analysis and management of application content, helping to identify Skype IDs, SQL queries, Facebook chat text, VoIP call information and more.  Together with User Identity Awareness, this gives powerful, granular visibility and control over users’ access to applications across networks, enabling busi­ness-critical application usage to be prioritised and increasing overall business productivity.  Clavister’s Content Security Services include IDS / IPS, web content filtering and antivirus, giving users advanced security functions to help protect organisations against web threats.

The Clavister W50 gateway is available with two license models, standard and Pro, and is available for immediate shipping and can be purchased through Clavister Certified Distributors and Resellers.