Clavister’s Slow DDoS solution to be switched on in Wi-Fi network in Japan


Clavister (CLAV: NASDAQ), a Swedish provider of network security services and products, recently created an innovative solution against Slow DDoS attacks on the network of NTT Broadband Platform (NTTBP), one of the largest Wi-Fi providers in Japan, to be deployed early 2018.

Slow DDoS, or Slow Distributed Denial-of-Service, is one of the threats that service providers operating on the Internet and the cloud are exposed to—a growing problem that needs addressing for security reasons. Using only conventional technology against DDoS doesn’t suffice against Slow DDoS: Slow DDoS is designed to remain virtually invisible in DDoS detector software.

Clavister discovered behavior patterns and algorithms of Slow DDoS attackers and prototyped a software that mitigates against this threat. With a Proof of Concept project on NTTBP’s Wi-Fi network, Clavister and NTTBP confirm that the Slow DDoS detector works against Slow DDoS attack on the network. Through the PoC, two companies and MIRAIT modified the Slow DDoS detector to be adaptive with evolution of Slow DDoS attacks.

“We were given this challenge by one of our most trusted and loyal customers, NTTBP who we have an excellent track record of delivering highly innovative solutions to,” explained new Director of Product Management, Mikael Nilsson on Clavister’s Slow DDoS solution.

“What we requested was to solve potential issues affecting our clients and their services. Clavister developed a group of software systems that provided the security they were looking for. Deployed together with the Clavister Security Gateway, it detects such attacks and bans the attacker if it’s required,” Toshiya Masuzawa, Executive Manager, Senior Vice President of NTTBP explains.

MIRAIT, the IT partner that services the NTTBP relationship in terms of Clavister products and delivery were equally satisfied with the Slow Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) prevention solution. “MIRAIT is fully aware that NTTBP plans to strengthen security in their Wi-Fi business. That’s why we found it very encouraging that Clavister could provide such a strong deterrent solution for this kind of attack to our customer, NTTBP,” says Koji Aoyama, Managing Director of Solution Business, MIRAIT.

Shinobu Färnlöf, Director of Sales Japan, notes that “It is this kind of drive for customer satisfaction and innovative solutions that is making inroads into the Japanese market and increasing our market share according to our business plan. All the while in one of the most technologically demanding operating terrains in the world. It’s our attentiveness and ability to be creative that’s winning over more and more customers all the time. These skills are highly appreciated business values in Japan,” concludes Färnlöf.

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