cOS Core 12.00 release creates new Threat Prevention section as well as IP reputation

STOCKHOLM. 2017-06-14, by Sam Coleman

Clavister AB, a leading provider of network security solutions, announced today the release of Clavister cOS Core 12.00, an update which shows significant improvements in a number of key areas.
A new Threat Prevention section has been developed to group together threat prevention mechanisms within the web user interface and the centralized management software InControl. The Threat Prevention section includes both existing features as well as new features like Botnet, Scanner and DOS Protection that are using IP Reputation powered by Webroot.
For functionalities, the 12.00 release has a greatly improved and intuitive graphical profile for the web user interface, a new system overview and re-designed and improved IPsec status pages.
For a complete list of new features and fixes, please read the product release notes, available from the Downloads section
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