cOS Stream 3.20.00 releases


The latest version of Clavister’s cOS Stream offers a number of new features. Chief among these features is the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) as well as Geolocation Filtering in IP Rules.

With Intrusion Prevention, the system now supports to perform inline in-depth screening on traffic flows in order to detect and prevent vulnerability exploits. With Geolocation Filtering, a powerful feature is created that combats advanced threats as well as when mitigating the consequences of a Denial of Service attack that has its origin from regions that are not part of the normal traffic pattern.


New features within this release:
·         NAT64
·         SIIT
·         Traffic Shaping Grouping
·         Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
·         FQDN in IP Rule Filters
·         Mellanox Ethernet Adapters Support
·         Geolocation Filtering in IP Rules
·         Enhanced Cloud Support
·         IP Rule Usage Statistics
·         BGP HA and Statistics
·         SNMP trap for system shutdown

For more information or inquiries
Christina Josefsson
Product Manager cOS Stream