DeCrypted News launches

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN. 2016-09-01, by Nikolas Georgii

Clavister has launched a fresh cyber- and information security news feed, called DeCrypted News, focusing on the most compelling emerging security topics.
From ransomware, critical infrastructure threats, IoT exploits and hacks, telecom security developments and many other topics, the news service aims to inform and elucidate both the general public, business leaders and policy makers and media on the need for explanatory journalism on cyber threats and security.
Sam Coleman, with 20 years experience as a magazine editor-in-chief with such consumer titles as Esquire, Time Out and others will curate and edit the content along with an editorial board of Clavister executives, which includes Nikolas Georgii, VP of marketing and corporate communications; Andreas Åsander, product marketing manager and others to be announced soon. Additionally, industry experts will be invited to give input and advice.
“We’re excited to have a true news service that really shows our passion for thought leadership and that helps our community—be that clients, investors, interested readers or other stakeholders—get a handle on these complex issues and better understand them,” John Vestberg, CTO and Head of Product Management at Clavister declares.
All articles are free and will also be bolstered with video content that readers are encouraged to share.

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