Johan Öhman appointed as new CEO at Clavister in preparation for listing change and growth

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN. 2017-02-01, by Nikolas Georgii

Clavister has had significant success with a number of major clients and partners, such as Nokia, Canon ITS and Intel in recent years. The company now wants to increase the focus to realize and maximize this potential. New CEO appointed Johan Öhman, which provides the company with valuable experience. Jim Carlsson, Clavister's current CEO, takes on his own initiative, the role of Senior VP of Strategic sales.

Clavister (NASDAQ: CLAV) today announced that the Board has recruited Johan Öhman as the new CEO. Johan will take over on March 6th, 2017. Johan will continue and grow the company towards continued growth and profitability, as well as prepare for future listing change. Johan has extensive experience in developing companies to high growth and profitability, including as CEO of NetEnt AB. Johan has experience of running a business in a regulated market.

Jim Carlsson, Clavister's current CEO will work to develop Clavister opportunities with existing key customers and partners and build on the personal relationships he has built, both internationally and nationally. Jim will retain his significant shareholding and warrants in Clavister and will initially work alongside the new CEO. The Board welcomes this.

"It is a very exciting task and I am proud to have been entrusted by the Board to lead Clavister into the next stage. The demand for IT security solutions is growing steadily, including the digitization and the increasing data traffic. I see many similarities between Clavister and the journey I had on NetEnt. Clavister has a strong product offering, both within the Enterprise market and for the Telecom segment where the company is uniquely positioned. I am convinced that the efforts made will bear fruit in the years to come, "says Johan Öhman.

"Clavister's operations have long lead times, but the company has now managed to position itself in the security field like few others. It is also a great pleasure to work with Johan and share his experiences as an experienced CEO of a listed company. For my own sake I look forward to adding more time on sales and strategic alliances with the opportunities we have - we are just at the beginning of a very exciting journey, "says Jim Carlsson.

Johan Öhman was CEO of NetEnt (NASDAQ: NET-B) 2006-2011. Under his leadership, the company became the market leader in its industry segmant and grew consistently faster than the market and with high profitability. The company was listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm in January 2009. Johann has also extensive experience from the telecom software company where he worked with business development, international sales and strategy execution.

Johan Öhman has a master's degree in economics from Lunds University and an MBA from the University of Reading / Henley MC.



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