KREA Enhances Network Capabilities with Clavister

2014-11-25, by Nikolas Georgii

KREA, Turkey’s largest e-mail marketing company, has enhanced its network capabilities following a deployment with Clavister, a leader in high performance, high availability network security.

KREA is utilising two Clavister W3 appliances to create a fail-safe network structure in order to develop and support its patent pending rule based bulk e-mail sending algorithm over Software Defined Networks. The deployment has enabled KREA to maximise network speed and availability, significantly reducing network outages, while also expanding its capabilities to support connection to over 300 IP addresses simultaneously with no impact on connection speed.      

Aycan Ferik, Partner & CTO at KREA, said: “Clavister’s advanced functionality, reliability and rule based application delivery control has enabled us to improve network connectivity and availability, ensuring that we are able to consistently provide our services with minimal disruption. The flexibility of the solution, and the support Clavister provides, means that we are able to create rules and adapt our infrastructure to suit our needs as they develop, ensuring optimal network performance at all times. As a result we are well positioned to always meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.”

In addition to next-generation firewall capabilities the Clavister W3 also offers advanced routing flexibility and high-end network infrastructure including traffic management, High Availability, server load balancing and advanced rule based network functionality. This has enabled KREA to reduce outages and manage their networks to enhance capacity.

Shinobu Färnlöf, Worldwide Channel Manager, Clavister said: “The deployment with KREA highlights the huge range of benefits that our products offer to organisations beyond advanced network security. The results that KREA has seen are a testament to the market leading High Availability and advanced routing flexibility that our security products offer.  The success of the deployment further enhances our reputation as a leading provider of high quality network control and security solutions.”

Clavister’s solutions range from the E5, an entry level next-generation firewall (NGFW) in a desktop sized package, to the Virtual Series Gateways that enable the highest levels of throughput, offering six nines (99.9999%) availability for carrier-grade security in the most demanding network environments. Clavister recently introduced a range of solutions for mobile network operations to secure 4G and LTE networks, enabling mobile network operators to secure their networks again cyber attacks and data interception.

About KREA

KREA Direct, which was established on 2002 is the first and only company in Turkey that provides "Direct Marketing", "Event Management" and "Interactive Marketing" services and is a member of DMA (Direct Marketing Association), IPRA (International Public Relation Association) and DPID (Direct Marketing Communicators Association. KREA Direct, supports its customers to pursue their marketing goals. Dozens of brands across a wide range of sectors who want to reach customers and develop permanent relationships with them chose KREA Direct. KREA Direct has reached millions of consumers in eight-years.