NTTBP Appoints Clavister to Secure Its Public Wi-Fi Services Network in Japan

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN. 2016-12-06, by Nikolas Georgii

NTT Broadband Platform (NTTBP), one of the major Wi-Fi-Service providers in Japan, selects Clavister´s Next Generation Security solutions and integrator MIRAIT to fortify  its high quality public Wi-Fi Service towords security-sensitive demands by its Wi-Fi users in the age of  in-bound travelers, football stadium WiFi and value-added WiFi services including data analytics and IoT.

Clavister (Nasdaq: CLAV), a supplier of high-performance network security, today announced that NTTBP, Japanese provider of carrier grade Wi-Fi service, highly customized Wi-Fi services for transportation facilities, vehicles, convenience stores and local government, high-density WiFi in studiums and convention centers, and value added services, and a group company of NTT Group, a leading company in the communications industry, has selected Clavister and its integrator partner MIRAIT to implement security on NTTBP’s extensive public Wi-Fi network which has over 220,000 access points across Japan.

In Japan, Wi-Fi is recognized as an important infrastructure that is one of the fundamental broadband networks,  such as optical fiber internet access and LTE internet access. It has also evolved to become an essential social foundation providing not only LTE traffic offload, but also providing social and business values to make difference for enterprise and public sectors not only with high quality WiFi but also with value-added services over WiFi.

Japan is one of the top four global LTE markets, with over 90 million LTE subscriptions*. LTE traffic has been rapidly growing, and further rapid growth is expected as more smart Internet of Things (IoT) devices connect to networks. NTTBP aims to offload LTE traffic to its high performance Wi-Fi networks to optimise LTE performance, and enhance subscribers’ mobile internet experience with fast Wi-Fi access.

Clavister will deliver its security solution to ensure that NTTBP stays in control of its network, and to support the potential for new value-added services and revenue streams.  The Clavister solution is highly scalable, and can be integrated quickly and effectively with the NTTBP network infrastructure.  The security deployment will also support NTTBP’s network plans ahead of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

“Due to the increasing LTE traffic load and the demand for efficient, secure, high quality Wi-Fi Services, it is important to work with a security supplier that can deliver a high-performance and scalable security solution.  We are confident the Clavister solution implemented by MIRAIT will meet not only these demands across our growing network but also something we have seen in the market, which will be profitable service in security issue over free Wi-Fi. Clavister is the fastest company among candidates, that adapts the strategy of NTTBP” said Toshiya Masuzawa, Executive Manager, Senior Vice President, NTTBP.

Jim Carlsson, CEO of Clavister, said: “Working with our partner MIRAIT, we are enhancing NTTBP users’ mobile internet experience, giving them the fast Web access, performance and security they expect across the country.  The solution relieves pressure on LTE networks in areas of dense population, while enabling seamless mobile browsing.  It also supports roll-out of targeted, value-added services for subscribers.  The scalability of our solution gives it the capability to secure country-wide Wi-Fi networks, enabling the provision of resources and public services to subscribers and tourists – the possibilities really are endless.”

“NTTBP has sole responsibility for the Wi-Fi business as one of the NTT Group companies, whose core business is telecoms and is one of the leading enterprise groups in Japan.  NTT Group views cloud services as its core business for growth, and places great expectations on the Wi-Fi business as one of the key success factors.  MIRAIT is fully aware that NTTBP in accordance with NTT Group companies’ strategy, plans to strengthen security in their Wi-Fi business. Clavister’s solution for operators offers a high level performance and security.” Says Shigeru Yanagisawa, Managing Executive Officer, Head of Solution Business Headquarter MIRAIT.

*  Ericsson North East Asia Mobility Report:



About NTTBP (and NTT)

NTT Broadband Platform Inc. (NTTBP) isa group corporation of Nipon Telegraph and Telephone Corp which provides fiber-optic broadband services and mobile broadband services as well as telecommunication services through its group companies, such as  NTT East corp., NTT West corp., NTT Communications, and NTT docomo. NTTBP has 15 years experience in Wi-Fi businesses since July of 2002 in business domains of Wi-Fi businesses, such as Wi-Fi whole-sale for telecommunication carriers, enterprise Wi-Fi provider for transportation, convenience stores, and public sectors, and value-addes services in advertisement, marketing oriented contents management services, and data analytics. It has also provided Wi-Fi in high-density traffic venues such as Convention centers and Sports Studiums with venue-dedicated visitor services including video streaming, 360 degree viewing and 3D AR services.



MIRAIT Corporation (MIRAIT), a leading ICT integrator in Japan, has conducted business creating communication infrastructures for over 70 years as partners of telecommunications carriers. MIRAIT Holdings, its parent company, had net sales of 270 billion yen in the FYE March 2016, growing into the industry's leading groups.

The Group conducts business in a wide range of areas including ICT, the environment and energy, based on the creation of communication infrastructure (fixed communication and mobile communication) that is its main business, accounts for about 60% of net sales.  With nationwide business expansion and multi-carrier compatibility, MIRAIT is actively expanding new growing markets, such as network security, cloud solution and other innovative areas. MIRAIT share is listed on 1st Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange and has approximately 24,056 shareholders. For more information about MIRAIT, visit


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