PhenixID, a Clavister Company, has signed contracts at a value of 10 MSEK for Identity Management solutions

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN. 2017-01-02, by Nikolas Georgii

PhenixID signs contracts with customers of 10 MSEK in December of which the majority is invoiced during December 2016


Clavister (Nasdaq: CLAV), a leader in high-performance network security, announced that PhenixID AB a Clavister company and a leading provider of solutions for secure access and identity management announce that PhenixID has signed contracts with customers of 10 MSEK in December

PhenixID provides solutions which enable organizations to manage their digital identities and its resources in a safe and cost effective manner, while the applications / services can be protected through secure multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Jim Carlsson, CEO of Clavister comments: “One of the most common cybercrimes is identity thefts. One way to reduce the risk for identity thefts is to install the Clavister MFA (Multi-factor authentication). The goal with a multifactor authentication is to exponential increase the difficulty for an unauthorized person to get hold on the user’s credentials”



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