Report for third quarter, July - September 2014

2014-11-26, by Nikolas Georgii

Significant breakthrough is becoming evident

A powerful enhancement of the Company’s strategic business discussions, not least within the LTE Small Cell Security and Telecom customer niche markets.

Accelerated interest and extended business discussions amongst others from the Japanese and Chinese Markets together with the activities in Brazil, which have now resumed after previous elections.

Growth has continued to be good even after the quarter ended. Sales growth amounted to 53% Y/Y during the period August-Octo­ber, in comparison with a 31% total growth over the third quarter period.

The quarter in short

  • Gross profit increased during third quarter by 70% to 16,4 MSEK (9,6). Adjusting for a reversed provision of 4,3 MSEK, the gross profit would have increased with 26% to 12,1 MSEK.
  • Net profit amounted to -6,3 MSEK (-9,4) in the third quarter.
  • Liquidity amounted to 22,3 MSEK (0,9) at the end of the period.
  • Net sales increased during third quarter by 31% to 16,0 MSEK (12,3)


Örnsköldsvik, the 26th of November 2014

The board of directors


This report has not been audited by the auditor


The report can be read in its whole here.


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