Unique business model and Increased support for SDN/NFV as Clavister announces its latest telecom solution

ÖRNSKÖLDSVIK, SWEDEN. 2016-12-22, by Sam Coleman

The latest Go-To-Market version of Clavister cOS Stream 3.0 and Clavister Hawkeye delivers a unique and utility-like business model and improved support for service automation and deployment in Software Defined Networks.


Clavister (Nasdaq: CLAV), a leader in high-performance network security, announced the latest version of its telecom software, Clavister cOS Stream 3.0 as well as its Clavister Hawkeye 1.0 visualization software, both purpose-built softwares for the new generation of telecom networks looking to implement SDN/NFV virtualization. This new and exciting technological space is growing rapidly and Clavister, in junction with Gartner, recently released a report called Virtualized Security – The End of Big-Irons (https://www.clavister.com/events/gartner/) to help educate potential customers.

The latest features introduced with the cOS Stream 3.0 release includes a completely new utility-like business model where Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) license the security solution based on total aggregated capacity. Unlike most other vendors in the market, this licensing security solution allows scaling to the MNO’s use rather than a less flexible single license per security instance. In Software Define Networks (SDN) this means that new Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) can be deployed quickly and without complex license management. Additionally, this enables MNOs to scale up and down on each location as needs for capacity changes, resulting in drastically improved flexibility and cost efficiency.

The new cOS Stream 3.0 also includes an improved support for service automation through the use of Heat Orchestration Templates (HOT) where new VNFs can be deployed in a smoother and more efficient way, saving time, money and improving the overall agility. Moreover, the support for HOT helps telecom operators become more agile and reduce the time to market when delivering new services to its customers and expanding their network infrastructure. “We’re very excited to be releasing these products to the market and to our potential customers, it’s another milestone in our effort to be a leader in the virtualized security space,” Product Owner of cOS Stream, Christina Josefsson says proudly.



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Clavister is a leading security provider for fixed, mobile and virtual network environments. Its award-winning solutions give enterprises, local and federal governments, cloud service providers and telecoms operators the highest levels of protection against current and new threats, and unmatched reliability.  The company was founded in Sweden in 1997, with its solutions available globally through its network of channel partners.  Clavister is a member of Intel’s Network Builders program (networkbuilders.intel.com), a cross-industry initiative that enables telcos to build and manage business-critical infrastructures, with lower capital and operating costs.  For more information about Clavister, visit www.clavister.com