Success Story: DGC

Cost-effective Clavister security boosts customer confidence in DGC

“As an Internet Service Provider for the corporate market we must offer our customers the highest levels of security and that is why we build many of our services on Clavister firewalls. Clavister solutions promote customer confidence and that makes our business more successful.”
Jesper Blomé, Hosting Manager, DGC

Large retail chains throughout Scandinavia are just one of the many corporate sectors that choose network specialist DGC to provide their Internet communication services.

Offering IP-telephony and broadband communication, DGC focuses on delivering Internet Protocol – Virtual Private Network (IP-VPN) based services which provide customers with a secure, reliable and cost-effective way to connect their offices, remote workers or partners. However, DGC recognizes that its success relies on protecting customer data in transit by building effective security into its networks.

What Clavister did

About DGC

DGC is a Swedish network operator focusing on Internet Protocol – Virtual Private Network (IP-VPN) based communication services including outsourcing and telephony. DGC was founded in 1987 and during its first 12 years developed into one of the most successful PC manufacturers in Sweden. Early in 2000, it began its transformation to network operation with the introduction of broadband communication and outsourcing services. Headquartered in Stockholm, DGC employs 90 people delivering IP-VPN, Outsourcing and Telephony services. DGC is listed at NASDAQ OMX Stockholm since June 2008.  




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