Success Story: DNS:NET

Berlin Based ISP Provider Cites Excellence in High Availability as Driver of Product Purchase

The customer required securing their own infrastructure (aggregation and distribution layer), a stateful HA solution as well as a robust solution that’s able to act as a main VPN Gateway internally. They also wanted to provide site-to-site connections to their growing number of remote offices as well as a gateway for the technicians and all of their staff working from remote locations. Additionally, they needed a central gateway to access to their devices within their transport network (including core routers, hundreds of MPLS switches, DSLAMs, OLTs etc.) with an easy management tool, especially with a view to future expansions. Lastly, they required a professional and robust 24/7 support. 

DNS:NET cited that they had tried other vendors to satisfy these demands and found they were unable to perform to their expectations. 

“We had products from a couple of American firewall vendors which started to get a bit dated and could not keep up with our requirements anymore,” says Nicola Nikolic, Network Engineer at DNS:NET.

“A year later we were finally introduced to Clavister. The system was pretty straightforward to set up and actually worked as it was advertised (which seems to be a rarity these days). We had timeouts of several minutes between failover events or even worse, split-brain scenarios, which we unfortunately experienced with other vendors before migrating to Clavister. Back then, this gave me quite a lot of headache. I have to say that we’ve never looked back since we made that decision to switch to Clavister,” he happily announces. DNS:NET also cites the excellent technical support they received as part of their customer satisfaction.

“The Clavister VPN for our remote offices and our roaming clients turned out to be extremely resilient. No more toggling VPN-Ttunnels and so far the fastest tunnel-establishment I have seen compared to other solutions. And we’re very satisfied with Clavister’s support. I opened a trouble ticket on Friday evening and had a Clavister technician on the phone not even 30 minutes later, who was able to resolve the issue after some effective troubleshooting. Pretty hard to beat this kind of support!” Nikolic says, also noting that the InControl management software is an incredibly useful tool that they deploy to manage the network. 

Taken together, the technology and solutions that Clavister offered were a dynamic fit and it is helping DNS:NET manage their business continuity and that of their customers. “To see a customer feel this strongly and positively about their Clavister purchase is terrific, this level of satisfaction is the heart of what we do,” explains Thomas Gross, Clavister Sales Director for DACH.



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DNS:NET is a medium sized City-Carrier with big ambitions. Their main service to their business customers is to provide them with IP-services (mostly Point-to-Point solutions over MPLS), connecting customers sites over their fibre-optic-transportnetwork (MPLS, dark fibre,...), Colocation areas at their two data-centers, VoIP-services and individual solutions according to their needs (SLAs, high-availability,...).




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