Success Story: Tagerim

Tagerim has entrusted Clavister with the task of safeguarding the security of its rapidly changing information system

“With the complex variety of servers and applications used at our head office and in our 30 branches, we needed a comprehensive solution that would ensure vital security but still be easy to manage. Clavister’s SPP platform provided exactly that.”
Mr Cartron, Manager Tagerim IT System

To ensure the continued success of the business and maintain its growth, the Tagerim Group established an in-house IT service responsible for coordinating all the information systems of its 30 branches.

Faced with managing the multiple applications used by the group’s 600 employees, and the internal and external communication requirements, the IT team carried out a full review of the structure of its environment.

One of the priorities identified by this review was the need for a global security policy. Tagerim wanted to open up the network to the Internet and provide its staff with an open-access, user-friendly resource. However, with 100 servers distributed across the 30 branches and the central site, effective protection against malicious attacks was essential.

Tagerim’s aim is to control the incoming and outgoing traffic of all the branch agencies, which are connected to an Orange VPN, while also protecting the Extranet and Intranet applications, the messaging system and the web site while backing up all the data from the agency servers hosted at the central site. 

What Clavister did

About Tagerim

The Tagerim Group is one of the top twenty producers and sellers of houses in France, and is the seventh largest management agency, with recognized expertise in rental, rental management, co-ownership management and resale. It is a national operator in its two main fields, namely the construction of new accommodation, with about 40 projects a year launched or completed and management and trading services, based at more than 30 branch agencies in all areas of the country.




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