Clavister Protects Webinar


This webinar will give a presentation of the risk of addressing encrypted traffic and demonstrating Clavister’s solution for this, combining Clavister Endpoint Security Client and Clavister NetEye to address the situation as well as introduce the security challenges for cloud solutions or on-prem appliances.

This webinar, with Clavister Research and Innovation Manager Anders Lidén as well as legal expertise from Certezza AB and moderated by Clavister’s Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications Sam Coleman, will delve into these complexities and show options that keep customers safer.

This webinar Tommy Almström at Clavister, will present the market trends – ‘identity is the new parameter’ and how to easily and securely you can access your data with two-factor authentication

This webinar, Stefan Brodin at Clavister will walk us through Security Analytics in a virtualized future and how important it is to find threats quickly and efficiently

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