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Investor Relations – Calendar


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Clavister applies a closed window period which starts four weeks prior to the publication of an interim report

Upcoming Financial Reports

Interim Report Q4October to December 20182019-02-21
Interim Report Q1January to March 20192019-05-22
Interim Report Q2April to June 20192019-08-28
Interim Report Q3July to September 20192019-11-20
Interim Report Q4October to December 20192020-02-20

Upcoming Other Events

Annual General Meeting
(Årsstämma) 2019
Will be held in Örnsköldsvik.
Matters for inclusion in the notice of meeting need to be submitted by shareholders to the company no later than 2019-03-26

Past Other Events

SEB Nordic Seminar 2019Held in Copenhagen2019-01-07
Annual General Meeting 2018Held in Örnsköldsvik2018-04-24
Capital Markets Day, Stockholm2018-03-22
Investor MeetingsDanske Bank, Capital Markets. Stockholm, Sweden2018-02-20
Investor Meetings ABGSC, Stockholm 2018-02-15

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