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Identity is the new perimeter

Users move over different devices and in and out the corporate networks. They login to SaaS services directly from anywhere – untraceable in the perimeter firewall. Good security starts with taking control of the identity and use a secure authentication solution that also enhances the customer experience. Simplicity rules!

Clavister EasyAccess with OneTouch provides simplified yet highly secure method of 2-way authentication, and makes it with integrated single-sign-on to both SaaS and legacy applications fun to use as well!

Experienced provider of secure identity solutions

Clavister’s portfolio of Identity and Access Management solutions, including the Multi Factor Authentication products comes with a long history and proven track record. The products are the result of an experienced team working in the forefront of secure identity and access management technologies for almost twenty years.

Key Functionality

Single Sign On – MyApps

The preferred way to authenticate the users is using biometrics. Using modern smartphones OneTouch supports Face-ID, Touch-ID, Face Unlock and Fingerprint Authentication on iOS and Android respectively.

Fast – Easy – and Secure


The Clavister OneTouch app provides a direct Single-sign-on experience to services configured in the mobile MyApps portal. The administrator decides what application is available for whom, when and from what device. The end-user simply clicks “myApps” authenticates using biometrics and can directly access listed apps with SAML login.

Simple – Easy – and Secure

Password Self Service

ILIntegrated in the app is a function to directly change the user’s password in the directory services. Validation is done with biometrics on the application itself where after a new password – with admin designed policies – can be configured, so no IT service has to come into play.

Quick – Easy – and Secure

Integrated One Time Password

Integrated in the OneTouch app is a functional that generates One-time passwords on your device using the OATH-algorithm. This enables offline authenticated access and provides compatibility external services supporting the standard.

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Simplified Secure User Access



Once you have initiated the setup, a “camera window” will appear. Scan the QR code on your screen and you are done.



Diverse and flexible, EasyAccess can be configured to interact with most authentication methods and services.

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You hardly have to interact with the app once you have installed it. It simply requires your one touch to proof that you are you.

Management of passwords made easy
Many organizations have challenges with users who have forgotten their passwords. With Clavister EasyPassword, users can easily reset a forgotten password or change an existing one.

Reduce cost and frustration
Employees often lose productivity and get frustrated in the process of getting help with a forgotten password. Support teams have trouble validating the authenticity of the user. Reducing forgotten password calls reduce costs and relieves support staff and the time users spend waiting for assistance can also be very costly since they cannot perform their day-to-day work.


Eliminate this risk by eliminating password and using multi-factor authentication. With Clavister EasyAccess and the OneTouch application you have the tools in hand to not only secure your perimeter by validating your user’s identity with certainty – you also make it easier for the user to login and user all the services.



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