Internal Network Firewalling

All types of organizations wrestle with the challenge of maintaining security while also offering efficient ways to access critical information and systems.

Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD), Road Warriors, flexible work places, hot desking, WiFi-networks and more are all great technologies but also introduce security challenges.

The simplest way to get everything to work is to keep the network flat, without cumbersome boundaries. There's a compromise in that strategy though: often low security is introduced and an advanced threat—such as a virus or insiders' malicious intent—can wreak havoc to almost every part of an organization. 

Fear not: there is a solution, one that's not difficult to manage and maintain and still ensures good security and breach protection. 

What You Can Expect

The Solution

The Clavister Internal Firewall Segmentation solution takes an inside/out approach and enforces security between critical boundaries within the organisation's internal network. Servers, applications and databases can easily be safeguarded from threats, not only from the Internet but also from the local area network, WiFi-networks, roaming users connecting via VPN and so on.

Thanks to techniques and features such as Transparent Mode, User Identity Awareness, Device Awareness and Application Control, it's easy to secure and extend access within your network, even when applying technologies such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), WiFi and similar. 

Feature and Capability Overview

The main features and capabilities of the internal firewall segmentation solution from Clavister makes it ideal for enterprises and larger SMBs to use: 


  • Secure but still agile and fast moving

    Maintain security while also offering the capabilities to reap the advantages from what new innovations have to offer, including the Internet Of Things (IoT) 

  • Simplified Security Management and Lowered TCO

    Eliminate technology and product sprawl by standardizing the security on a multi-functional Clavister product and avoid having to deploy multiple products from different vendors. This also ensures better alignment with log management and breach detection/breach analysis. 

  • 360 Degree Insight Into the Health of Your Network

    Improves the capabilities to more easily see "who is doing what and from which device". This drastically enhances the overall security while also ensuring that—in case a breach does happen—it's easier to identify what damage has been done and contain the attack. 

  • Inside-out protection

    Avoid threats and hackers gaining access to critical information while still being able to offer modern communication solutions such as BYOD, roaming users, home users and other.