Wan Load Balancing

Organizations of all sizes and across all industries depend on Internet/network connectivity as much as they do on electricity and other utility services. Unfortunately, it's been very costly to build a reliable infrastructure that is both fault-tolerant and offers sufficient capacity to provide good, continuous service.

Today, leased lines with a decent Service Level Agreement (SLA) is very expensive, especially when looking at the price-per-megabit ratios. At the same time, broadband services from any local service provider is often cost-effective and high performance but doesn't come with the enterprise-class SLAs.

When choosing between leased lines or broadband services, there's often a compromise that doesn't quite match the desired requirements of being high performance, low cost and highly reliable. 

The Solution

Clavister WAN Load Balancing is a built-in capability within all Clavister Next-Generation Firewalls, making it possible to build a reliable infrastruc by connecting and managing multiple Internet/network links in a cost-effective way.

Using a variety of features, the Clavister WAN Load Balancing capability achieves bandwidth aggregation, link quality monitoring, WAN fault-toler and enhanced security, almost everything needed to create a near unbreakable infrastructure. 

Feature and Capability Overview

The main features and capabilities that makes Clavister Secure WAN Load Balancing the ideal solution for SMBs and Enterprises includes: 


The benefits from using a Clavister Next Generation Firewall product with built-in capabilities for WAN Load Balancing are several but the most important ones includes:

  • Increased bandwidth capacity

    Aggregate and use the bandwidth capacity from multiple links. 

  • Decreased latency

    Continuously monitor the latency and quality of each link and send mission critical traffic over the links with the lowest latency for the time being. This is especially useful in networks which requires minimal latency, such as VoIP and Video-Conferencing networks. 

  • High service availability - minimal downtime

    Fault tolerance and automatic distribution of traffic across multiple links or backup links without having to spend a fortune on premium SLA leased lines. 

  • Simplified maintenance of WAN infrastructure

    By eliminating single points of failure, it's easy to conduct maintenance of WAN routers and other equipment without having to plan downtime. In many cases the users does not even have to notice any disturbance at all even for activities that could mean a complete downtime before introducing Clavister Secure WAN Load Balancing. 

  • Decreased cost (CapEx and OpEx)

    Utilize low-cost broadband services to achieve the same or better results than when using expensive leased lines.
    Since Secure WAN Load Balancing is a capability built into the Clavister Next-Generation Firewalls there is no need to invest in additional equipment to achieve near unbreakable Internet connectivity.