Bank and Finance

The modern bank has its origin dating back to the Medici Bank in the 14:th century. For long the banking sector has been one of the most conservative sectors of all but has lately gone through a revolution in modernization with electronic payments, online services and much more.

Today all banks are under the threat of an attack that can come any day of the year, at any time of day, from anywhere in the world.
The stakes are high and the direct financial loss from an attack is considerable but the indirect costs can be astronomical with lost stock value, loss of customers and more.

Most banks and financial institution also face the challenge with a rapidly increasing need for bandwidth, infrastructure moving to the cloud and higher demands on operational efficiency.

Many banks and financial institutions also report the following challenges with regards to network security:

  • Rapid growing need for security performance, especially when securing their internal networks.

  • Increasing need for Operational Efficiency and lowered Total Cost of Ownership

  • Regulatory compliance and auditing

  • Security breaches ­ internal and external

  • Deploying and managing security in hybrid environments with a mix of physical, virtual and cloud based infrastructure

  • Large networks with service kiosks and ATMs that requires robust and cost­effective security products 

How we help

Clavister's Next Generation Firewall is a robust foundation in a banking / financial services network.The effective best­practice firewalling capabilities and sophisticated policy configuration can easily be combined with modern security technologies such as Application Control.Thanks to this it is possible to achieve highest level of security where nothing is left to chance.These are some key ingredients that makes Clavister the ideal choice for banks and financial institutions with high demands on their security products:

Success Story

Clavister makes new merged stock exchange systems secure

Clavister products protect the data of four organisations – Börsen AG, Fairtrade Wertpapierhandelsbank AG, Fondsbörse Deutschland Beteiligungsmakler AG and Aramea Asset Management AG. Börsen AG provides the comprehensive solution for the other three companies and the four employ a total of 75 people.