Solutions for higher educations

New networking technologies like e­learning, online collaboration and new types of devices have in many educational institutions improved the learning experience. But with these new technologies and ever­increasing numbers of devices comes the need to scale their networks for access while providing additional security to protect sensitive systems and information.

In summary, these are the major threats and challenges for educational institutions.

  • Risks with unsafe or unwanted Web content accessed by students

  • High bandwidth requirements while being able securely give access to resources

  • Being able to give access to different resources based on roles like students, teachers or administrative personel while using the same network

  • Controlling that only approved applications are used in the network 

How we help

Clavister has one of the markets most robust, proven and high­performing firewall on the market. More than 19 years of track record, an install base of more than 150.000 gateways and reference customers like CASPUR vouches for a trouble­free network even for the most demanding educational institutions.Clavister has fine­tuned its offering for educational institutions to secure their networks without introducing bottlenecks.These are some key ingredients that makes Clavister the ideal choice for schools with high demands on their security products:

Success Story

Clavister provides security for super-computing facility

With so much sensitive information and data being handled, network security is vitally important for CASPUR and its partner organizations but the very complexity of its environments makes this technically demanding. CASPUR needs to combine high availability and powerful security with ease of management and it achieves that with Clavister network security solutions.