Facility Management

Facility management is all about maximizing efficiency. Cost, Time, Quality and Focus are always in the spotlight for Facility Management companies and their customers, no matter what size of organization.

Attracting new customers often means being able to present a cost­reduction in some way or free­up time for the property owner to focus on core business. Over the last decade internet technology, and Internet of Things have made wonders to the financial calculations. By being able to automatically turn off lights during off­hours, smart control of heating/cooling or centralized video surveillance ensures that facility management remains profitable even in cut­throat competition.

In just a few years traditional infrastructure, often mechanical, has been connected to the network and become absolutely essential for revenue streams and the difference between profit and loss.

A cyber­criminal hacking into the cooling system or blocking the communication with servers that control the physical security in a building can cost money but can also be life threatening. Imagine the ventilation system in a hospital being closed off during the hottest summer days, or the fire­alarm going off in a crammed football arena just because of inferior network security.

Common pains and needs for facility management companies include:

  • Immediate need for security products to help manage a safe transition towards the era for Internet­of­Things

  • Efficient tools for managing the network and network security from a central location

  • Network infrastructure must be scalable and easy to deploy

  • Unified and holistic security is necessary since the infrastructure in each managed building can be different from each­ other 

How we help

Clavister's Next Generation Firewall is a robust foundation for the manufacturing industry. The effective best ­practice firewalling capabilities and sophisticated policy configuration can easily be combined with modern security technologies such as Application Control. Thanks to this it is possible to achieve highest level of security where nothing is left to chance. These are some key ingredients that makes Clavister the ideal choice for facility management companies who requires security to be robust and scalable, just like their own business:

Success Story

Tagerim has entrusted Clavister with the task of safeguarding the security of its rapidly changing information system

To ensure the continued success of the business and maintain its growth, the Tagerim Group established an in-house IT service responsible for coordinating all the information systems of its 30 branches. After an extensive review process, Tagerim selected Clavister’s security gateways because they not only delivered the most effective security solutions but were also easy to manage and configure using central administrative software.