Gaming and Betting

For thousands of years, people have been playing games of chance or wagering the outcome of various types of events and sports.

Today online gaming and betting is one of the fastest growing segments in the industry and reached the astronomical value of more than USD40 Billion in 2015.
This high profile put online gaming and betting providers in the bulls­eye for hackers and cyber criminals.

Prospective and existing customers are extremely sensitive to any perception that a provider can't be trusted: credibility is everything in this sector. 

This means that a high security profile attracts revenue streams from new customers and ensures continuous business with existing ones. For this reason, security is extremely important. A security breach is not just about the potential loot a hacker might gain but also the overall brand image. A security breach can have the potency of bringing down entire companies in matter of days if a "bad reputation story" goes viral.

There are many network security related issues for an online gaming or betting provider, but some of the most common pains and needs include:

  • Disruption of business (and revenues) due to Denial­ of­ Service (DoS) attacks

  • Bad customer experience as bottlenecks create loading lags created by network security products lacking performance and scalability

  • Downtime ­causes loss of revenues due as hardware and software fails

  • Scaling on­site and in the cloud ­allows multi­dimensional scalability including peak hours, shifts in popularity, high profile events and more

How we help

Clavister has one of the markets most robust, proven and high ­performing firewalls on the market. A nearly 20 year track record with an installed base of more than 150,000 gateways, with reference customers like bwin, vouch for a trouble­free network even for the most demanding gaming providers. Clavister has fine ­tuned its offering for online gaming and betting providers to secure their networks without introducing bottlenecks. These are some of the key ingredients that makes Clavister the ideal choice for providers with high demands on their security products:

Success Story

Clavister security is a winner for world’s largest on-line gaming company

bwin is the largest publicly listed on-line gaming company in the world. The company supports its operations with an undisclosed number of data centers on many continents, all linked by a private network. Sophisticated technology generates the impressive computer power required by bwin and network security is provided by a strong mix of Clavister Security Gateway appliances located at all data centers.