Around the world, governments are exchanging more and more data with all of its peers: citizens, employees, students, patients, tourists and supporting partners. Today, 24/7 services are integral parts of the governmental business. This exchange of information, faster and more demanding, across both network infrastructure and business applications require security of the networks serving the community to be relevant and up to date to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of the community data.

Governments also operate under tightened budgets simultaneously as the need to protect citizens and sensitive data is ever increasing. This requires a more streamlined infrastructure together with effective administration to ensure security is in parallel with business.

In summary, these are the major threats and challenges to governments:

  • Ensuring 24/7 availability for citizens to be able to access both public and restricted information
  • Protecting the access to, and the integrity of, sensitive government data
  • Managing the transition to cloud services, without sacrificing security
  • Enforce compliance to regulatory and internal policies
  • Manage security risks related to cyber-espionage from foreign governments

How we help

Clavister is the manufacturer of one the most robust, proven and high-performing firewalls on the market. With more than a 19 year track record, an installed base of more than 150,000 gateways vouches for a trouble-free network even for the most demanding organization. As we're a Swedish company, Clavister also guarantees there are no backdoors implemented into our products as a result of anti-terror acts and similar. Clavister has fine-tuned its offering for governments to secure their networks, protect them against cyber-terrorism and deliver the best possible service to the public. These are just some ingredients that makes Clavister the ideal choice for governments with high demands on their security products:


Success Story

Clavister ensures high availability and network security for the Civil Police, Federal District, Brazil

In Brazil, the Civil Police is the investigative State Police Force. Each of the 26 states of Brazil has its own Civil Police Department, as does the Federal District. Its role is to carry out detective work, forensics and criminal investigation and it acts as a state bureau of investigation.