What does a lathe, a drill, a saw and a punch have in common?

In the modern, industrial sense they're all heavily reliant on computers and well-functioning networks that need to be secured. To most, this sounds like something taken from a bad sci­-fi movie. But nonetheless, it's a reality for any manufacturer who's embraced Industrialization 4.0 to gain a competitive edge in terms of quality and cost of production.

The network security challenges for these modern production plants and classic machines turned into intelligent money­ makers are several but these are the most common topics:

  • Sensitive equipment must be secured to avoid interruptions in production

  • Security breaches could result in ruined materials and machines worth million... in a matter of minutes

  • Security breaches can lead to injuries and—in the worst cases—even fatalities

  • Prioritization of traffic for mission critical applications is a key requirement

  • Communication between HQ, manufacturing plants, partners and equipment vendors must work flawlessly and remain completely confidential/private 

How we help

Clavister's Next Generation Firewall is a robust foundation for the manufacturing industry. The effective, best ­practice firewalling capabilities and sophisticated policy configuration can easily be combined with modern security technologies such as Application Control. Thanks to this, it's possible to achieve the highest level of security without leaving a thing to chance. These are some key ingredients that make Clavister the ideal choice for modern manufacturers who have high demands for their security products:

Success Story

Clavister ensures data protection and high availability for Eldon Group

Efficient firewalls and intrusion blocking are the answers and Clavister provides both high end and lower end solutions for Eldon from its larger factories and main server room in Stockholm right down to small individual home offices.