Fierce competition during the last two decades has forced retail companies to evolve and re­invent themselves. A modern retailer is heavily relying on IT in order to reach their goals of operational efficiency, lowered costs and better customer experience. Although IT does a fantastic job at all these points it also leaves the companies vulnerable to security breaches that threatens their profit and even valuation on the stock market.

With more in­store technology like Wi­Fi­based Point­of­Sale terminals, complimentary Wi­Fi access for customers, Smart Beacons, self­service checkouts, in­store advertisement screens and internal administrative networks, the complexity is only increasing.

In summary, these are the major threats and challenges for the retail industry:

  • Protection of Point­of­Sale Terminals from unwanted traffic and threats

  • Bad customer experience on complimentary guest Wi­Fi networks when someone is using up all available bandwidth

  • Costly leased lines or MPLS networks

  • Traffic control and network segmentation to ensure healthy operation of critical services such as video surveillance,

    VoIP, POS terminals, alarms / access control systems, ERP systems and more 

How we help

Clavister has one of the markets most robust, proven and high­performing firewall on the market. More than 19 years of track record, an installed base of more than 150.000 gateways and reference customers like Wittwer GmbH vouches for a trouble­ free network even for the most demanding customers.Clavister has fine­tuned its offering for retail companies to secure their networks without introducing bottlenecks.These are some key ingredients that makes Clavister the ideal choice for retail companies with high demands on their security products:

Success Story

Bookstore turns to Clavister for secure, cost effective Virtual Private Network

EDV-Partner GmbH, a Clavister systems integrator, recommended a clustered solution based on Clavister Security Gateway for the company’s headquarters and eight Clavister remote office appliances for its stores. Wittwer GmbH recognized that this solution was not only cost effective, but also met its requirements in terms of both flexibility and security.