Service Providers

Enterprise companies' desire to transform their business to better meet the demands for improved agility, efficiency and cost control often results in initiatives with service providers for public, private or hybrid cloud. Such initiatives offer several advantages over traditional infrastructure but also expose enterprises to a new set of security challenges. Service providers which cannot meet this new set of security challenges in a convincing and reassuring way might be at risk.

A customer want to feel as confident with the service provider as with his own physical infrastructure. In summary, these are the major threats and challenges Service Providers are facing:

  • Ability to build trust in matters concerning Cloud security

  • Protecting against unauthorized access and ensure data integrity of each customer within a multi­tenant environment

  • Gain service and threat visibility with the flexibility to build tailored reports for individual tenants

  • To meet individual tenant requirements in terms of compliance and feature set

  • The administrative burden with shared resources from single­instance security products 

What you can expect

Clavister's Virtual Next Generation Firewall is a robust foundation for Service Providers.The effective best­practice firewall capabilities and sophisticated policy configuration can easily be combined with modern security technologies such as Application Control.Thanks to this it is possible to achieve highest level of security where nothing is left to chance.These are some key ingredients that makes Clavister the ideal choice for Service Providers with high demands on security:

Success Story

Cost-effective Clavister security boosts customer confidence in DGC

DGC uses Clavister Security Gateways which unites the advantages of a carrier-class router and the security features of a modern firewall with all the communication flexibility of a VPN concentrator.