Saying time is money is almost a cliché. But when it comes to companies in the transportation industry, it's literally a fact. Either you deliver on time, and keep growing your business, or you're left in the slow lane.

Although the transportation industry—in some senses—has stayed the same for almost 100 years , in other senses it's been completely re­defined and re­invented. Almost every transportation company today is heavily relying on IT and network communication and GPS tracking to ensure that they know where the goods and vehicles are at all times, that goods arrive faster and safer than ever.

Smoothly running fleet management systems, goods tracking systems, transportation hubs and video surveillance has become almost as important as the trucks, trains and airplanes.

For any IT or network administrator within the transportation industry, the key challenge is to ensure that all these systems are available and secured at all times. Even a few hours of downtime can cause critical disturbances to the business. At the same time, costs need to be managed and administration of hundreds or even thousands of devices needs to be streamlined.

In summary, these are major threats and challenges for transportation companies.

  • Internet and network access must be redundant and reliable at all locations

  • Servers and applications must be accessible from anywhere, at all times

  • Networks must be well segmented to avoid critical functions being affected by viruses, worms and non­productive internet usage

  • Centralized administration of all services and functions is absolutely critical due to the nature of great geographical distribution

  • Cloud technologies must be integrated into the business without compromising security or lead to spiraling administration costs

  • Cost­ effective broadband services must be introduced to partly or entirely replace leased lines and satellite technologies 

How we help

Clavister has one of the market's most robust, proven and high­-performing firewall on the market. An almost 20 year track record, an install base of more than 150,000 gateways and reference customers like Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway vouches for a trouble­-free network, even for the most demanding of transportation companies. Clavister has fine­ tuned its offering for transportation companies to secure their networks without introducing bottlenecks. These are some key ingredients that makes Clavister the ideal choice for transportation companies with high demands on their security products:

Success Story

Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway improves its network security with Clavister Security Gateways

Clavister safeguards our network security and contributes to the development of our information systems. Clavister’s innovative solutions further guarantee stable and secure operations of our station management system.