Simplified Actionable Security Analytics


As CyberSecurity is evolving from a technical burden to a business priority, simplicity is key. More often than not IT managers and CEOs are in miscommunication regarding the status of their protection and this often results in sub-par security infrastructure. IT security managers need a way to visualize the enterprise security status against potential cybersecurity threats in a way that creates positive awareness and a sense of urgency.

Join our next live Clavister Protects Webinar, titled “Get scored! Find out if you are as protected as you think”

To find out more about the importance of cybersecurity score carding and how combining intelligence around the identity, network, device and traffic behaviors in combination with infrastructure health, software level and configuration parameters gives you great protection.

Webinar date and time: Tuesday, March 3, 2020 10:00 am CET

Presenters: Thomas Vasen, Commercial Solution and Andreas Byström , Product Manager