New Partner in Greece Excited About Clavister’s Offering


New Partner in Greece Excited About Clavister’s Offering


Clavister, a leader in high-performance cybersecurity solutions, today announces that a new reseller in Greece—iPhoenix Networks—will offer Clavister solutions and products in their market.

iPhoenix Networks core competence lay in creating robust internet connectivity, offering solutions that create 99.9% uptime SLAs to customers, as well as offering managed services, multi wan routers, site to site VPN and other solutions for business continuity. As such, security has become a vital offering that they were keen to address. With Clavister, they feel confident that they’ve found the vendor that will satisfy their needs.

“One of the things we were looking for was a solution that wasn’t in Greece and we were happy to find Clavister. We think that the value proposition of Clavister is terrific and will resonate very well in Greece,” states Ilias Pavlou, the General Manager of iPhoenix. On solutions and features, he notes that load balancing was an attractive feature, one that achieves bandwidth aggregation, link quality monitoring, WAN fault-tolerance and enhanced security, almost everything needed to create a near unbreakable infrastructure.

  “The load balancing is very interesting for us, it’s a terrific feature and Clavister’s seems one of the best,” Pavlou declares, noting also that the appliances are also commercially attractive, both for value and performance. “The E10 and E20 are amazing products, I don’t think there are products as good in the market, it’s exceptional and again, the best I’ve ever seen,” he says convincingly.

“Such an enthusiastic and energized reseller like iPhoenix Networks is exactly what we want in a new channel partner. We’ll do all we can to make them successful as they offer Clavister’s cybersecurity to their end customer base,” says Michaela Malentacchi, Sales Director for Global Sales Support.

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