Why the CLOUD Act Matters


The world of cyberseurity changes at a rapid and threatening pace – get armed with information that keeps your business safe

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Cloud Act and data privacy

The latest legislation that has come out of the US and Australia point to a growing awareness that data oversight and protections are being eroded by governmental entities using laws to demand data. That means that Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and others that provide cloud services have an inherent vulnerability in that they cannot ensure that their customers’ data will not be shared. On top of that—as the Eternal Blue attacks taught us—that data that these governments extract cannot be safeguarded and creates a risk for businesses worldwide. Clavister’s position, based on its no back doors policy, asserts that we as security experts need to be aware of these threats and have solutions like using secure VMs in European based cloud platforms as an alternative.

This webinar, with Clavister Research and Innovation Manager Anders Lidén as well as legal expertise from Certezza AB and moderated by Clavister’s Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications Sam Coleman, will delve into these complexities and show options that keep customers safer.

Presenters: Anders Lidén, Clavister Innovation and Research manager along with Certezza AB’s Cloud Act experts. Sam Coleman, Director of Marketing to moderate