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Security Without Compromises

The Clavister P80 is custom made to fit the needs of our most demanding Telecom customers for whom only the best is good enough.

Turn-key appliance

The turn-key appliance is optimized to ensure maximum performance and security for the telecom solutions we are offering, including LTE Backhaul Security, Mobile Data Offloading and GRX Security.

Thanks to the modular and scalable design the Clavister P80 can offer a high density of 10GbE SFP+ interfaces, plaintext performance of 120 Gbps and 40 Gbps VPN Performance. 

Design and Highlights

  • Raw Performance
    For many customers Firewall and VPN performance figures are just numbers that have little meaning. For our telecom operators it is absolutely key for operational and financial reasons. The Clavister P80 has an impressive firewall performance of 120 Gbps and 40 Gbps of VPN Performance. The benefit is crystal clear: A more efficient network without bottlenecks and more value-for-money.
  • Unified Telecom Security
    The Clavister P80 is a turn-key appliance with a feature-set purpose-built for telecom operators. The same product can be utilized to protect the backhaul traffic in an LTE network, avoid breaches or denial of service attacks against the GRX network as well as to offload the radio network onto a low-cost Wi-Fi solution. Thanks to Clavister P80 and the Unified Telecom Security feature-set it is no longer necessary to waste time and costs managing point-solutions from multiple vendors.
  • Robustness and Reliability
    The Clavister P80 is highly redundant and can help avoid any single point of failure to achieve maximum up-time and quality of service.
  • Flexible Module Configurations
    The Clavister P80 has six (6) flexible module slots that can be configured to match different needs and scenarios using a combination of crypto accelerator cards and Ethernet expansion modules.


Product specifications


 Clavister P80
Firewall Performance* (Gbps) 120
VPN Performance** (Gbps) 40
Concurrent Connections 30,000,000
Concurrent VPN Tunnels (IPsec) 50,000
Ethernet Interfaces 8 x 1GbE (RJ45) – Front Panel
16 x 10GbE (SFP+)  Modules
Module Slots

Four (4) High Speed Slots

Two (2) Normal Slots 

Supported Module Types 4xSFP+ Module
IPSec Acceleration Module
Virtual Interfaces (VLAN 802.1q) 4,096
Virtual Routers Up to 1,000
Clavister cOS Clavister cOS Stream
Form Factor 2U, 19"
    • All performance tests are performed according to RFC 2544. Actual performance may vary depending on network conditions and number of activated services.
      * Plaintext firewall performance tests are performed using a Clavister P80 equipped with 4xSFP+ ethernet expansion modules in slot 3,4 and 5.
    • ** IPSec performance tests are performed using a Clavister P80 equipped with 4xSFP+ ethernet expansion modules in slot 3 and 4 and IPSec acceleration modules in slot 5 and 6. 

Content Level Security

Network Level Security

Network Infrastructure


Downloadable resources

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This product brochure describes the capabilities of Clavister Virtual Stream Series using cOS Stream 3.10.

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This product datasheet describes the capabilities of the Clavister P80 appliance, running Clavister cOS Stream.


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