Clavister InCenter Cloud

Why Security Analytics in the Cloud?

In today’s world of intense and unsecure network traffic, close to all enterprises have implemented a firewall to deal with this increasing threat to their business. But most organizations deal with the facts when it is already too late… the approach is very re-active. So what is missing is clear view of what is going on…real time, to be able to take necessary actions.


Security administrators get into the dilemma of providing an outstanding user experience in terms of application availability and performance versus securing the enterprise from external threats and attacks.


What You will need is real time data points that will generate recommendations to reduce potential risk and at the same time increase performance in a pro-active approach.

Clavister InCenter provides IT organizations running Clavister firewalls with actionable insights, enabling improvements in security and business efficiency


IT managers will have an holistic view of threats and traffic with drill down capabilities and will decrease TCO compared to 3rd party log managements systems.


Easy to implement and scalable to ensure fast insights for solutions of any size and requires minimum time to get started.


Enables IT organizations and their executives to become pro-active and see how well their security configuration is protecting their business.


Enables IT managers to improve security and make organizations more efficient utilizing advanced machine learning recommendations.

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Product Videos

What Clavister InCenter Cloud enables you to do.

CyberSecurity Score

See the status of your security infrastructure and put funds where they matter the most.

Monitor Health

Here we will demonstrate how to check the gateway health and discover anomalies


Discover how to run forensics in Clavister InCenter Cloud product

Identify Threats & Attacks

A screen capture on how to identify and take action upon threats

Optimise Your Configuration

In this screen capture we will show you how to optimise your configuration for instance by using web content filtering

Validate Configuration

This screen capture will show monitoring in realtime, commit new policies and to validate that the new policies have the desired effect

How it works

Get started quickly!

Simply configure your  Clavister NetWall firewalls to send data to Clavister InCenter Cloud over a secure tunnel. No additional hardware on-site is required and you can access your Clavister InCenter Cloud from your web browser over the internet from anywhere. Clavister hosts its cloud services locally – in Sweden – ensures data separation for privacy laws.

Configure your Clavister firewalls to send data to
Clavister InCenter Cloud

No additional HW on-site required

Access your Clavister InCenter Cloud from your web
browser over the internet

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User Stories

1: Identify and respond to Threats & attacks

Identified increase in # of threats
High scanning activity from China
No business or employees in China

2: Validation of configuration changes

Configuration changes in live systems can be highly impactful
Near Real-time traffic monitoring – 5 sec update intervals
Impact on traffic filtered per policy and blocked traffic

3: Find ways to optimize user experience

Complaints on slow internet performance
Identify high bandwidth applications
Determine importance of the traffic

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