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Protecting your private Cloud from the inside


Organizations who want to move from a well-known and controlled in-house environment to an out-source/hosted/cloud solution face the challenge that security is an essential question. A cloud provider who cannot meet this challenge in an efficient and convincing way often suffers from difficulties of getting new customers adopting their services.

Furthermore, customers who exist today do not have good alternatives for security, which means that the hosting provider ends up having to use their infrastructure firewalls to provision security policies for their customers. When doing so it also means that administrative problems comes up, making the "shared" firewall almost impossible to manage. Since the customers can not decide exactly what the shared firewall can do it also means that the customers does not want to pay for the service.


By deploying Clavister Virtual Series, Cloud providers can offer all customers their own dedicated security gateway as value added services and generate new revenue streams. With Clavister Virtual Series, the customer can in detail control their security policies, the administrative mess is eliminated since each customer’s firewall is completely isolated and cannot affect other customers’ virtual deployments.