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5G Edge Security

Enabling Low Latency Communications Securely

The next generation mobile networks, 5G, promises higher speeds and lower latency primarily for communications between “things”. A car must for instance be able to talk to another car, and the traffic lights on a crossing.

The devices talking to each other are all located in close proximity and connected to the same or close-by base-stations. The communication needs to be very quick, as the “things” are moving and accidents can happen if information is delayed.


5G Edge Security

For low latency requirements the solutions is to move all central network functions to the edge, close to the base-stations. Security must then follow and provide critical use-cases such as Firewalling, Antivirus Scanning and Network/ Server Attack Protection locally.

Another example is when cars talk to each other and there is a network failure. The edge nodes need to be able to function antonymous so the cars can continue driving and reach each other. This can be achieved by placing out small versions of the core network functions in each edge compute locations.



Enable low latency endpoints


Direct devices communication


Built for scalability

Clavister Service-Based Firewall Report

Heavy Reading Analyst Jim Hodges explains why traditional firewalls are not sufficient for architectures prepairing for 5G and Next Generaiton Core networks.

Topics covered in this white paper include:

  • How the 5G Service Based Architecture (SBA) core network and associated capabilities such as 5G slicing will drive new security enforcement firewall functionality
  • The security firewall requirements associated with managing the 5G cloud-distributed new radio (NR) access network
  • The implication of these technologies on existing cloud-based Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) deployments
  • Clavister’s product strategy for dealing with these new service-driven firewall requirements

Use Cases included in this solution



Network perimeter protection securing IT resources and users


Network Attack Protection

Intrusion detection and prevention system, GeoIP restrictions and denial of service protection


Control Signalling Validation

Gateway function for specific signalling validation including GTP and SCTP


Virtual Models

High performance virtualized security gateways designed for new carrier networks based on NFV/SDN.

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