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Distributed Enterprise Security


Organizations are becoming more distributed and international than ever before. Branch offices in all shapes and sizes, employees working from home, road warriors on the field and a plethora of IT systems and mobile devices to manage is a fact for most modern enterprises. The flexibility has enabled new gains in productivity, but has also led to dangerous inconsistencies and compromises in terms of information security.


Branch offices and remote workers require stable access to datacenter resources at headquarter. It's a challenge to enable fast and stable connections across countries and continents. The ever-increasing number of cloud based or internally hosted applications, social networks and an online lifestyle induces new security challenges for the distributed enterprise networks. These applications has to be allowed for the employees to be able to perform, in the same way they expose the enterprise network with vulnerable threats. The limited application awareness offered by first-generation firewalls is not effective in dealing with current and emerging threats. To protect the business, enterprises must make sure their network security appliances and policies can manage and control applications, as attacks get more advanced and sophisticated.


Clavister's versatile product portfolio is designed with simplicity to deliver performance in a distributed enterprise security environment. Our operating system Clavister cOS Core has everything built-in for the need of a distributed enterprise and protects your business by next-generation firewall features regardless of location. Implemented in dedicated products for different scenarios, a true cross-platform model.

With excellent performance, world-class design and innovative functionality the Clavister product portfolio delivers the performance, scalability and robustness needed in a distributed enterprise environment. Eagle Series for remote and branch offices, Lynx Series for Industrial applications, and Wolf Series for enterprises/data centers.

Clavister products deliver WAN optimization for remote and branch offices by using more than one Internet Service Provider. Load balancing based on the characteristics of the traffic and by using the connection with best speed/lowest latency at any given time enables stable and secure connection to headquarter. Next-generation firewall features such as Traffic shaping, Application Control and Web Content Filtering help prioritize business applications and restrict bandwidth for social media and leisure purposes.

With InControl, our comprehensive centralized management system and Clavister Web Management you will free up your IT resources from unnecessary overhead day-to-day tasks. It has never been easier to manage your Clavister products, either a single unit or 1 000 units, a fully centralized management and reporting application for all locations. One of the most important features of InControl is the analyzer tool, where the network engineers can get a complete view over bandwidth utilization, application usage and much more.

Clavister Security Subscription makes you secure. All software upgrades and upcoming features are included. 24/7 support and hardware replacement service is included. Reduce the amount of suppliers and thereby support costs

By implementing dedicated products for different scenarios with common software across the platform Clavister delivers attractive TCO figures and value for money.

In this example a mobile worker is connected to the HQ by using the VPN client on his laptop and smartphone. Other users in this scenario are the production facility where the machines are controlled and managed secure by using the ruggedized Clavister X8 with connection over VPN to the HQ. There are also branch offices connected by Clavister W3 and a larger office using Clavister W5 – they are all connected securely to the HQ. All these scenarios are managed with Clavister InControl.

Solution highlights

  • Secure access for Remote and branch offices – WAN optimization to secure a stable and reliable access to headquarter datacenter.
  • Multi-functional Security Software – Get all key features from a single software. Reduce the amount of suppliers and thereby support costs.
  • Simple security subscription – All software upgrades and upcoming features are included. 24/7 support and hardware replacement service is included.
  • Application Control – Identify and control more than 1000 applications. Truly integrated in cOS Core and easy to setup. Facebook, Youtube and Skype or SAP, Oracle and Navision – they can all be identified and controlled by this fantastic new feature.
  • Dedicated product portfolio – The portfolio consists of products for all enterprise solutions, physical appliance and virtual.
  • Fully Centralized Management – Stay in full control of your network. Remove obstacles before they happen. Ensure costly misuse or system bottlenecks are avoided.
  • Attractive TCO – Clavister Security Subscription includes what you need whenever you need it. It's built to leverage the initial investment and by that reducing TCO.