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Technology Spotlight

The Internet of Things (IoT) is being hailed as one of the most disruptive trends in modern history; certainly a transformative way to conduct out physical life. Media and technology companies talk about everything from augmented reality in shopping malls, the current wave biometric health scanners that sync to our fitness devices to smart buildings and even the adaptive robots in something called Industrialization 4.0. We’re connecting in ways as never before through devices we never thought as communication portals (cars, light bulbs, security cameras, pacemakers, wind mills etc).

It all sounds facinating and the level of IoT today is just a fraction of what’s to come. The question is, will IoT be disruptive in ways we don’t want? Can they be as much threat as help?

To gain competitive edge and become successful using these new technologies, we also need to stay clear of the potentially destructive consequences and ask the right “what if” questions such as:

   o   What if hackers can break into the CAN (controller area network) and ECUs (electronic control units) of a connected car, hence gaining access to control of breaks, ignition, airbags, etc?
   o  What if life-support systems in a hospital are tampered with by a cyber-terrorist?
   o  What if hackers can control internet augmented medical devices such as pace-makers and insulin pumps?
   o  What if my IoT enhanced car breaks down in the middle of the freeway as a result of a new form of ransomware?
   o  What if the camera feeds on a military vehicle is accessible by foreign states during combat mode?

Guess what, its already been done and there are millions of devices out there in the wild, just waiting to be hacked.

What Can Clavister Do To Help?

At Clavister we believe security should also be about enabling better communication and benefiting from new technologies such as Internet of Things.
Yes, there are risk but with proper security tools it can be made safe and the consequences of a breach less painful. Using a combination of classic firewalling, network segmentation, Application Control and Device Management helps you adopt Internet of Things in a secure way and on a holistic network layer. Securing IoT things on a network level is far more effective than trying to figure out how you would get a firewalling function integrated into the climate control system or your video surveillance cameras.

In a way you could say that Clavister helps you establish a secure environment, a walled garden of sorts, for your Internet augmented devices rather than integrating the security in the devices and sensors itself. This gives you a holistic and effective protection without having to figure out how to make the latest Anti Virus work on your fridge or smart TV.

Walled Garden

Using classic firewalling and network segmentation, you can establish a walled garden for your IoT devices. The firewalling feature makes sure that only legit traffic is allowed to communicate with your devices. It also ensures that your devices are not leaking information to unwanted destinations as part of a data theft scheme.


IoT Application Control

Using the IoT Application Control feature built into Clavister’s products, you gain visibility and control of how, what and with whom your IoT Devices communicate. This helps you enforce a best-practice blue-print for how to operate a network for IoT devices where the risks for security breaches are mitigated in a proactive way.              

Intrusion Prevention

Many—if not most—IoT devices are built on outdated operating systems that don’t have any automated or convenient way to patch vulnerabilities. This leaves your IoT devices more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Thanks to the unique vulnerability and paylod signatures, Clavister Intrusion Prevention helps you block these attacks from ever reaching your devices, both the known and unknown zero-day attacks.

Network Based Anti Virus

Installing Antivirus on all your IoT devices would be a tedious and impossible task. In fact, most devices would not even be capable of running an Antivirus software given that it does not have the processing capability nor standardized operating system for running it.
Clavister’s Network Based Antivirus feature scans the traffic on a network level giving you the benefit of clean traffic where viruses and worms are filtered out before even penetrating into your devices.

Virtual, Physical or Embedded

Our solution is entirely software-based and we offer it as an off-the-shelf product, either as turn-key physical appliances or as virtual machines that runs on top of e.g. vmware or KVM based hypervisors.
Thanks to the relatively small footprint, modest resource requirements it’s possible to embed into various applications. As long as it is based on x86, almost anything is possible and we love the challenge to realize visionary ideas.

Traffic Optimization: QoS

Not all IoT devices may be equally important or critical for your business operations. For instance, making sure that the light turns-off exactly at 20:00 every day might be less important than that your video surveillance systems works 24/7 with high quality capture.
To ensure that everything works just the way you want it, even if bandwidth sometimes might be a limiting factor, we have included advanced traffic management so that you can ensure that critical functions always get priority.

Success Story

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our client say:

Clavister was the sole Security Gateway provider flexible enough to deal with our diverse IT environment. Furthermore, they met our extremely high reliability standards. By implementing virtual security gateways, we achieved our goals of server consolidation, ability to configure remotely and—most importantly—reduced capital investment.

Uwe Fischer