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Intelligent Mobile Offload

The challenge for the mobile industry

The mobile industry is changing and as an operator you are reaching a turning point! You need to be able to offer, manage and control Wi-Fi networks as a core part of your existing infrastructure, to retain subscribers and revenues, and to introduce new value-added services. The challenge of retaining control to your subscribers is nothing new for operators. What’s important is the ability to either keep the data traffic on your own Wi-Fi-built networks or, if you partner with a vendor to offload the data, to at least maintain a level of control.

Clavister can offer a solution to this challenge!

Transparent mobile data offloading over Wi-Fi delivers real benefits to MNOs: it helps to better manage data traffic on the core mobile network; it reduces costs of upgrades and build-outs; and enables operators to offer a range of new services to subscribers.

From the subscriber’s viewpoint, they enjoy a better overall data service with high-speed connectivity available anywhere, without the need to logon to multiple networks; all they have to do is switch on their device.

In the next few years, unified Wi-Fi and mobile networks will emerge, enabling MNOs to profit from integrated wireless and mobile broadband services. These networks will help operators to meet the increasing demands of a connected world – to everyone’s benefit.

Clavister Intelligent Mobile Offload solution ensures that you stay in control of your network with intelligent offload and initiates the potential for new revenue streams. The Clavister Intelligent Mobile Offload solution is highly scalable due to close integration with any network equipment based on Intel hardware. As a result this provides a solution with strong throughput performance per CPU and small footprint, leading to a cost effective deployment in a distributed environment.

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