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Erik Engstrom
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Packet Core Security


The world is digital to a larger extent than ever before. Consumers can benefit by watching streaming TV, video on demand and music in their homes. This requires an enhanced mobile data business model where the mobile packet core is central to define the consumer’s quality of experience. It also pressures operators to secure the backbone towards the Internet to fulfill a non-disruptive service. The solution for these demanding networks requires carrier class redundancy and high performance, modularity and responsiveness to the changing environment in order to deliver the service of video and other service delivery packages.


The Clavister solution is proven to be suitable in scenarios for 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE mobile networks. By positioning a Packet Core Gateway protecting, the Gi, Gp and Gn interfaces the Operator secures the backbone of the mobile core network and controls the subscriber authentication, access control and content control. With the Clavister Packet Core Security Gateway, the Operator can rest assure that they receive:

  • Opportunity to apply new business models with differentiated security service
  • High performing and scalable carrier class solution to cover the extraordinary growth of data traffic
  • Including IPv6, application detection and high availability (HA)
  • Ability to log and structure a billing system
  • Shape traffic for differentiated services, such as Video on Demand, TV streaming, music, parental control, etc.
  • Prioritize traffic in line with the best usage of capacity and revenue model
  • Support for Governmental demands like Lawful Intercept, Identification detection, logging of session information, etc.
  • An attentive partnership
Packet Core