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Small Cell Security

The challenge

The ecosystem of LTE/4G provides high transfer speeds for subscribers, MNOs have struggled with coverage signal from macro base stations that must be delivered where it is needed the most, indoors. This can be especially noticeable at crowded locations where subscriber traffic puts a lot of pressure onto a weak signal that is normally received from the macro base station indoors, generating a bad user experience.

The solution for MNOs is to install small cells, a low-powered base station that operates in the licensed spectrum combined with Wi-Fi capabilities to acknowledge high transfer speeds.

Another trend is that operators are looking at distributing more services and operator functions further out in the field, closer to the end-subscriber, to improve service levels and reduce network load. This combined with thousands of deployments in the public domain will increase the security threat.

Clavister Small Cell Security Gateway

Clavister provides a virtualized domain security that separates and protects the virtual hardware, virtual machines and virtual networks inside the virtual environment in the small cell site.

Conjoined with other Clavister solutions like Backhaul security and Intelligent Mobile Offloading (IMO) Clavister can secure the traffic and provide an intelligent Wi-Fi offloading solution that supports both seamless authentications with 802.1x EAP-SIM and web portal access to small cells. This can be merged with a wide range of value added security features such as UTM and application identification to improve subscriber quality of experience.

Clavister delivers a cost effective, fully functional, carrier grade security solution, with a minimal memory and storage footprint.

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