Spark 2021 – Partner Event

Welcome to Clavister’s (virtual) annual partner event, bringing our partners, distributors and resellers together from all over the world

November 17-18th 2021, 9:00-12:00 (CET)

Why Should You Attend?

What’s Cooking at Clavister

Get ready to hear from our experts about our new launches and future roadmaps that would help you grow your business bigger and faster

Meaningful Connections

Be ready to meet other brilliant minds, exchange ideas, network and lay the foundations for new, fruitful partnerships thanks to our networking area

Always Stay Ahead

Learn more about our new, disruptive and business friendly pricing model to get ahead of the competition in the market

Thought Leadership

Hear from our leadership team and explore the changing landscape of the cyber security market and how is Clavister adapting to meet the evolving needs of our customers 

Make Your Voice Heard

Live Q&As, in-session chat, polls,  and brainstorming sessions… thought this was going to be only about watching people talk? Think again!! 

Extra Content and Recordings

You’ll have access to all recordings after the event is over, so you can go back an re-watch the sessions you didn’t catch live. If you would like to receive an invite for Spark 2021, please send an email to

Interested In Becoming A Partner?

Sign up today and join our growing network of distributors and partners worldwide. Find out more details here.