Backhaul Security

4G/LTE technology has matured and evolved from early-stage testing to mass-market resulting in massive growth and transformation all over the world. Most LTE-networks are deployed without security due to time-to-market prioritisation and, with the proliferation rate of Small Cells for congested areas, the need for secure backhaul increases dramatically. Risk of eavesdropping and other intrusions on privacy and confidentiality—sensitive pictures, credit card numbers, account numbers, corporate IPRs, etc.—is a critical concern. But even more critical for the operator, the risk for an attacker to penetrate the core network and wreak havoc is an imminent danger. Yet, according to telecom industry research, 29% of all operators are not yet fully aware of the need to secure the LTE backhaul traffic. 

What You Can Expect

The Solution

Clavister secures the LTE networks with a flexible and cost effective solution for securing and encrypting the vulnerable interfaces used for backhaul traffic from the radio base stations (eNodeBs) to the network core. Reliability and privacy can be ensured by encrypting all traffic that traverse over untrusted networks. With Clavister, all communication can be authenticated and encrypted using proven and standardized technologies, which is key not only for security but also ensures smooth integration and interoperability. 

Features and Capabilities


  • Swedish technology—no Backdoors

    Trusted and neutral Swedish vendors, free from backdoors. Full source code disclosure arrangements possible at Swedish headquarter. 

  • Flexible deployment options

    The Clavister LTE Backhaul Security solution can be deployed in many different ways, ranging from centrally placed turnkey appliances to distributed edge cloud platforms, or as we suggest, using our virtual appliances. Additionally, Clavister also licenses the technology to leading third-party Telecom Equipment Manufacturers on an OEM/Licensing basis. 

  • Cost Effective

    Unparalleled performance efficiency on virtual platforms and support for Intel crypto accelerators ensures maximum value-for-money and lowest cost per Gbps of VPN performance. 

  • Scalability

    Scales seamlessly with your business without any expensive fork-lift upgrades or up-front heavy investments thanks to native support for multi-core and virtualization using COTS x86 hardware. 

  • Future proof—Ready for SDN/NFV

    Become a more lean and agile operator by using the Clavister LTE Backhaul Security Gateway as an NFV function already today—support for multiple hypervisors and cloud orchestration platforms, including OpenStack and Nokias Cloud/NFV orchestration platform.