Core Security

Today, you as a Mobile Data Service Provider, face the biggest challenges as well as enormous opportunities ever seen in the telecommunications industry.

Already now, more than 20 billion devices are connected to the Internet and analysts predict that within a few years, the number will rise to something in the range of 40–50 billion. Not only are the number of devices increasing but so to the amount of data-traffic demanded.

"The unprecedented growth of data-traffic in mobile networks means that the Gi/SGi firewalls protecting your core-network must be able to scale in a completely new proportion, without adding more costs as competitive pricing is a must."

Using today's appliance-based approach for network security infrastructure, this scalability and cost-sensitivity is almost impossible to achieve unless new and disruptive solutions are put into place. 

What you can expect

The solution

The Clavister Core Security solution is based on virtualized, purpose-built software and COTS hardware, entirely optimized for telecom operators.

Utilizing a multi-core architecture and virtualization, Clavister doesn't just only offer market-leading performance but is also extreme scalability. Instead of massive fork-lift upgrades to add more security power, with Clavister you can add capacity when you need it, with minimal time and cost.

The unique design enable excellent firewalling performance that uses a relatively cost-effective hardware. Thanks to this, managing the growth over the coming years can be done in a seamless, smooth way, without having to risk heavy up-front investments nor slowing down the network due to performance bottlenecks. 

Feature and Capability Overview

The main features and capabilities of the Clavister Core Security firewalling solution ensures that—not only is your core-network protected by a robust security solution—but it also enables you to align capacity and costs with the business growth in a seamless manner. 


  • High Performance—Avoiding losing customers in the loading process

    Ensures that security never becomes a bottle-neck in your network by using multi-core architecture optimized for telecom operators. No clunky mix-and-match of open source features designed for SMB type customers that slows down the important and relevant security inspections. 

  • Agility, the race for the future starts today—Ready for SDN/NFV

    Become a more lean and agile operator by using the Clavister Core Security solution as an NFV function already today—support for multiple hypervisors and cloud orchestration platforms, including OpenStack and Nokia's Cloud/NFV orchestration platform. It all sounds technical and it is, but it's technology that might make sure you a winner in the race ahead. 

  • Smart investment, future proof

    Clavister Core Security solution isn't just more scalable, flexible and cost effective than proprietary hardware appliance, it's also a smarter investment that allows you to get competitive advantages over other service providers as you save money while being more agile.