Domain Security

Firewalls are critical in many areas of a telecom network, not only in the standardized use cases such as LTE Backhaul Security Gateway, Roaming Security Gateway and Gi/SGi Firewalling but others as well. This includes—for instance—securing the traffic to your DNS servers; a media server or almost anything else exposed to neighboring service providers; hackers on the Internet or to your subscribers.

One could argue that a firewall is a firewall and that there are no special needs beyond that; choosing the classic vendors out there would suffice—but things have changed.

With rapid data-growth, foreign governments conducting sophisticated espionage using built-in backdoors and bigger demands on cost-efficiency there is a clear need for a new breed of firewalls for telecom operators. We have the right ones, at the right time. 

What You Can Expect

The Solution: Agile Performance Scalability

We at Clavister have, since our start in 1997, been doing things a bit differently than the other typical firewall vendors. While others have built most of their core functionalities around ASICs, FPGAs and put their focus on proprietary appliances, we created a proprietary and software-based solution that natively runs on COTS x86 hardware and virtualization platforms.

Thanks to the native support for x86 and virtualization, coupled with multi-core architecture and Intel accelerators, we offer what we believe to be the most flexible, high-performance virtual firewall on the market. And the fact that we've designed and validated all the code in our products ensures that there're no backdoors that allow foreign governments to gain access to your telecom network, that might transport national secrets and sensitive IPR related information. 

Features and Capabilities


  • Agility, the race for the future starts today—Ready for SDN/NFV

    Become a more lean and agile operator by using the Clavister Firewall either as a virtual appliance or even as an NFV function already today—support for multiple hypervisors and cloud orchestration platforms, including OpenStack and Nokia's Cloud/NFV orchestration platform. It all sounds technical and it is, but it's technology that might make sure you a winner in the race ahead. 

  • Green and Environmentally Friendly

    Market leading resource efficiency, Gbps per Watt and Gbps per Rack Unit ensures that environmental goals are met and exceeded without compromising performance or cost. 

  • Cost Savings

    Save costs on shared hardware resources between multiple virtual firewalls. Flexible, performance based licensing not only cut costs, but also ensures that they stay aligned with your business needs.