Roaming Network Security

As a Mobile Network Operator (MNO), you have to provide service to subscribers even while they're away from their home network. When extending your services and establishing roaming with other service providers, you expose your core-network to a wide range of threats and risks. Not only will the core network be exposed to cyber criminals but also the probing eye of foreign intelligence agencies. Without proper protection, including rigid security and authentication, you risk costly disruption and privacy intrusions that could potentially damage both brand and business. 

What you can expect

The Solution

While roaming between your own network and another service provider could be considered safe, there are several security compliance issues and concerns that need to be addressed. With Clavister's solution, you ensure that your diameter traffic is encrypted using IPSec VPN but also that Denial Of Service and overbilling attacks are stopped at the perimeter and don't cause costly service interruption and havoc.

Advanced threat mitigation features, such as our currently under development GTP and Diameter Inspection, and our currently availiale rate limiting and similar tools, ensure that you stay protected at all times. 

Features and Capabilities


  • Cost effective and scalable

    Combines the cost-efficiency from virtualization, COTS hardware and a flexible licensing ensuring that you can stay protected with a solution that grows with your needs, without heavy up-front investments. 

  • Lean and Optimized for Telecom

    The Clavister Roaming Security solution is designed for telecom operators and does not include SMB type of features that looks good on paper but in reality only introduce risk for vulnerabilities and doesn't add value in a telecom network. 

  • Reliable and Carrier-Grade

    The Clavister Roaming Network security solution is designed for carrier grade environments and include a wide range of redundancy capabilities.